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Estate Planning – Taking care of your family’s future is essential, and an attorney can help you choose the right estate planning tools to safeguard your legacy.

Advanced Healthcare Directives – Ensure your loved ones will know what to do in a healthcare crisis by writing your advanced healthcare directives with the help of our attorneys.

Elder Law – Our elder law attorneys have extensive knowledge of Elder Law and are equipped to cater to senior citizens and their families unique needs.

Trusts – Our attorneys can guide you through creating and funding a trust to help you achieve your estate planning goals.

Living Trusts – If you have specific estate planning goals, our attorneys can help you choose the right type of living trust to fit your needs.

Wills – A will is a crucial component of any estate plan, and our wills attorneys can help draft your will and ensure it is valid and will work as intended.

Living Wills – Your living will records your wishes for medical care, and our attorneys can guide you through drafting it.

Medicaid Planning – Proper planning can help you or a loved one receive Medicaid benefits without jeopardizing their financial health and preserving their estate.

Power of Attorney – Make sure you have someone that can make important decisions on your behalf by drafting a power of attorney document with the help of our attorneys.

Probate – Probating a loved one’s estate may be daunting, but a probate attorney can assist you every step of the way.

LLC Formation – Hiring a lawyer to assist with your LLC formation can significantly simplify the process and offer invaluable peace of mind.