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Whether you are going through a crisis and need legal help to reach a favorable resolution or looking to plan for the future and leave a legacy for your loved ones, having the right legal team on your side makes all the difference. Our firm has been serving clients in the Missouri area for years, assisting them with various legal matters and focusing on estate planning, personal injury, and traffic tickets.

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Why Should I Hire an Attorney In Missouri for My Case?

When faced with a legal issue, it may seem like skipping the step of hiring an attorney may be a feasible choice. But, in the long run, representing yourself can be pretty risky. For example, you may file an insurance claim without an attorney if you have a personal injury claim. However, you may quickly find that the insurance company is unwilling to pay your claim’s total value.

Likewise, if you are working on your estate plans using some type of free online tool, you may think you are saving money only to find out that your document does not cater to your unique needs. These are just a few examples of situations when an attorney can help you save time and money, making seeking legal help an investment rather than an expense.

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Can an Attorney Help Me if I Was Hurt in an Accident That Wasn’t My Fault?

If you are a personal injury victim, your first step should be to seek legal help, and there are many reasons for that. First, you are most likely not in the right mental state to deal with insurance paperwork and phone calls after a severe injury. An attorney can take care of all of these tasks on your behalf while ensuring they are done correctly.

Second, it is quite common for many claimants to receive a settlement offer shortly after their claim is submitted and be pressured to accept it. However, that initial offer is often too low. If an attorney were handling the negotiation process, they would work with the insurance company to secure fair compensation on their client’s behalf.

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Why Do I Need Estate Planning if I Am Not Wealthy?

At our law firm, we also assist clients with a variety of estate planning needs, focusing on the cultural and religious needs of the Muslim community. We are often asked why everyone should have estate plans, regardless of their financial situation and age. The truth is estate planning is not something reserved for the rich and famous – it is for everyone.

Even if you do not have a lot of assets, having basic estate planning documents such as a will can help you guarantee that your wishes will be respected. If you have minor children, you can ensure the right person will care for them by using your will to appoint a guardian instead of leaving these decisions up to a judge. If you are still unsure, we are here to help. Contact our estate planning attorneys for a free consultation.

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What Kind of Cases Does Mid-America Law Practice, LLC Handle?

Our law firm focuses on providing solid legal representation for clients needing help in estate planning and personal injury. Here are some of the case types we handle:

Estate Planning

Advanced Healthcare Directives

Elder Law



Living Wills

Medicaid Planning

Power of Attorney

Personal Injury

Even if you are unsure that you have a solid case, reach out and schedule a free consultation. We will be happy to answer all your questions and provide clarification concerning your legal options.

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What Makes Mid-America Law Practice, LLC Different?

At Mid-America Law Practice, LLC our legal team works to provide legal guidance to clients facing a difficult chapter in their lives. We serve clients from all walks of life with a special focus on the Muslim community, as both attorneys at Mid-America Law Practice, LLC have an immigrant background and knowledge of Muslim estate planning and Shariah and Halal legal matters. We strive to be your trusted advisors for all your legal needs.

Our office is conveniently located in Chesterfield, MO, just 12 minutes from Babler State Park, 6 minutes from the Chesterfield Mall, and 5 minutes from the Spirit of Saint Louis Airport (KSUS). Contact us at (314) 347-3567 and request a free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the importance of estate planning?

Estate planning is a set of tools and strategies that work together to ensure you can protect your finances while accessing end-of-life care and controlling asset distribution after you pass away. Without proper estate plans, your assets will be distributed by a judge following intestacy laws rather than your personal wishes. This situation can also lead to unnecessary headaches and potential disputes among family members. For these reasons, everyone should have estate plans, regardless of age or financial situation.

What is the difference between a living trust and a testamentary trust?

A living trust is created and funded while the grantor (the trust owner) is still alive. The grantor may fund it with various assets and add beneficiary designations for each one. If the living trust is revocable, it can be changed or canceled at any time, but it becomes irrevocable after the trustor dies. On the other hand, a testamentary trust is created through the grantor’s will after that individual passes away. It can be used to distribute part or all of the estate and is often used to hold and transfer life insurance proceeds. These are just some of the various types of trusts available, and an attorney can help you select the right type for your estate plans.

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