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A Legacy of Giving

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Most of us will need a little help at some point in life, and giving back when you have the means ensures that those less fortunate are taken care of, so that they too may one day be able to help others. Charitable giving is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. But did you know you can continue to give, even after death?

A succession plan with a philanthropic account can ensure that your legacy of giving and charitable values live on, and is a great way to thank an organization which has had an impact on your own life. In addition, charitable giving may help your own family—depending on current tax laws, charitable giving may reduce the estate tax applied to your estate, reducing the burden to your heirs.

In short, planned gifts through a succession plan can continue to help organizations that are important to you for many years to come. An estate planning attorney or financial advisor can help you set up your succession plan, to preserve your legacy of giving.

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